My Leatherman Squirt S4

Leatherman doesn’t make the Squirt S4 any more, so I plan to hold on to mine for as long as is humanly possible. I’m not an »

I Appear To Have Purchased An Isar Rucksack

I spent a good portion of last weekend convincing myself not to buy the newly released Hard Graft Ocean Travel Pack (pictured above). That blue is mesmerizing, and I really »

Matt Gemmell on "Small screen productivity"

Matt Gemmell wrote a great piece on how he gets maximum utility out of the minimal real estate available on his 11-inch MacBook Air. I flirted with purchasing an 11-inch »

Luft Freaking Rausers

I bought Luftrausers a few weeks ago, right after it launched, and proceeded to play the game every single day until I "beat" it. I know that you can't really »

My iPhone Homescreen: Transit 3.0

I think there are really only two transit apps worth using: RocketMan and Transit. I used RocketMan for quite a while because it was the first transit app on my »

Hrmm, Hard Graft's New 2Pack Bag...

Hard Graft revealed a new bag today, and they call it the 2Pack. It's essentially my beloved 2Unfold cut in half and adjusted to become a low-hanging backpack and compact »